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Wedding gifts for guests: original ideas

May 30, 2023

Wedding gifts for guests: original ideas

Gifts for guests at a wedding are an ancient tradition. Newlyweds want their friends to be satisfied. And how can you make a person a little happier? That's right, give him a gift.

Gifts for guests at the wedding will help emphasize the style of the event, express gratitude for their presence and share joyful emotions.

To choose a present, you can focus on various factors. Someone creates gifts with their own hands for each guest separately. It is very convenient to emphasize individuality and show that the relationship with this person is different from others. But this method takes quite a long time.

If there will be a lot of guests, then the production of gifts can take quite a long time. Nevertheless, there are absolutely no restrictions in creating individual gifts for some guests, and for others - corresponding to the general theme.

You can emphasize the individuality of the guests with the help of a greeting card attached to the gift. This will help, when buying or making the same presents, to emphasize the individual attitude towards each guest.


When choosing a present, it is easiest to focus on two main parameters:

 - theme of the wedding (if it is thematic);

- the holding season.


A gift from a thematic wedding.

If the wedding celebration has a certain theme, then you can choose a present based on it. For example, small bath bombs or jars of salt are perfect for a marine theme.

It is important to remember that the gift should not be very large, so as not to cause inconvenience during its transportation both to and from the event.


Seasonal gifts

Depending on the time of year when the wedding is held, you can make gifts with your own hands using seasonal symbols:

For autumn, gingerbread in the shape of leaves, apples or pears with a card tied to them are perfect. An incredibly interesting gift will be miniature jars with honey or jam. They can be decorated with colored ribbons, on which a postcard with a personal greeting is attached.

In winter, small tangerines tied with ribbons are perfect. You can also use Christmas tree toys if the New Year holidays are just around the corner.

Small bouquets or boutonnieres for guests will be a pleasant surprise in the spring.

In the summer, small baskets with strawberries and cherries are perfect.


Universal gift options

Those couples who prefer an event in a classic style should pay attention to them.

 - Baking

Original gingerbread, cupcakes or buns can be decorated both according to the theme of the wedding and the season.

- Magnetic puzzles

Puzzles are made individually for you, on which you can write the names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding and give to guests as a piece of memory of your wedding

- Candles

Original handmade candles or simply unusually decorated ones will also be an excellent gift that will show the solemnity of the moment.

- Keychains

You can write your names on them or choose a design taking into account the theme of the wedding, and such a gift will be a very interesting gift for your guests

- Soap

Handmade soap, packed in an original way, can become a great accessory for your guests' bathroom.