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Special designs of wedding rings

May 23, 2023

Special designs of wedding rings

An important aspect of choosing and buying wedding jewelry is engagement rings. They are a symbol of unity and strong feelings between the bride and groom.

 An interesting fact is that for centuries, brides and grooms have chosen the same type of smooth rings, symbolizing their uniqueness and strong feelings for each other. However, in our time, paired wedding rings are made of precious metals using stones, enamels and decorative patterns, which adds to their uniqueness and originality.

 The days are gone when men preferred a discreet design with a minimum number of elements. Today, the wedding rings of the bride and groom are often identical in combination of stones, patterns and shapes.

 You no longer need to seek a compromise or choose in favor of one of the partners. Modern diversity offers couples in love a wide choice:

  •  Paired wedding rings with identical engravings or fingerprints;
  • Wedding rings with the same shape, which may differ in minor elements;
  • Paired rings with identical patterns. For example, it can be puzzle rings, where the pattern on one ring complements another, creating a complete pattern or shape.
  • Twin rings, differing only in size.

 The choice of paired engagement rings has now become even more exciting and diverse.

 For added cuteness, your ring bearer can bring the rings to you in personalized wooden ring box, which can be kept as a keepsake for the years to come! These boxes are perfect for keeping your rings safe on your big day. It can be a personalized variety of designs and a custom text.