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Table Decor Essentials for Your Rustic Wedding Theme

Mar 21, 2023

Table Decor Essentials for Your Rustic Wedding Theme

Choosing the theme for your wedding is one of the biggest decisions you'll make during the planning process. Your theme sets the tone for many aspects of your special day, including the venue, attire, decor, and color schemes. It's important to choose a theme that reflects your relationship and makes you both feel comfortable and true to yourselves. Once you've settled on a theme, you can then focus on the details that will make your day truly special.

A rustic theme is a popular choice for weddings, particularly in USA picturesque mountain settings and scenic landscapes. But what exactly does "rustic" mean in terms of wedding decor? When it comes to decor, a rustic theme often includes accents made with burlap, twine, and hessian, as well as vintage vases and candlesticks sourced from online marketplaces or antique stores. Linen paper stationery with brown kraft envelopes is a trendy choice, as are signs made from reclaimed wood and pallets.

One of the most beloved elements of a rustic wedding theme is wood. Natural and eco-friendly, wood can be incorporated into your decor in many ways. Here are a few of our favorite wood decor pieces from 2b1wedding's Wedding Collection:

Wedding Guest Book

Share the warm moments of your wedding day with our Wedding Guest Book Alternative! This heart-shaped box is perfect for storing every wish and blessing that your guests bestow upon your union. Simply have your guests write their messages on small wooden hearts, sign them, and drop them inside the box.

Wedding Guest Book Alternative

Surprise your friends and family with our wedding guest book alternative! This gorgeous guest book can house every wish and blessing that your guests bestow upon your union. All they have to do is write everything down on small wooden hearts, sign their wishes, and drop the heart inside the frame.

Wedding Card Box

Our personalized Wood Card Box in rustic style is the perfect complement to your wedding decor. Use it to store money, gift cards, or any other items you want to keep safe and secure.

With these rustic wood decor pieces, you can add a touch of natural charm and warmth to your wedding day. Shop 2b1wedding's Wedding Collection to find more essential decor pieces for your rustic wedding theme.